Property Asset Financing  & tax
Property Asset Financing  & tax

we understand that property is normally one of the highest value assets that each of us has to pay in our lifetime; and getting a property loan approved in Singapore is not easy due to many government rulings.


Therefore, we are here to help you get your desired property loan Singapore approved. Regardless of whether it is commercial, industrial property or residential; we got it all covered.


However, there are differences between getting a commercial/industrial property financing and getting a residential property financing.


Residential property loans tend to be quite similar across the board in terms of how much money you can borrow for any given real estate, with the value of the property being the bank’s main consideration apart from your financial standing. Approval amount is based on TDSR calculation.


Commercial property loans , on the other hand, tend to be far more varied, and many factors might be considered by the bank in order to determine the loan amount to extend to you, including the anticipated use of the property, business profile, type of real estate, perceived risk, market conditions, company performance, director credit history and cashflow position of company

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