Vendor Management System
Vendor Management System

Deployment of New/Transfer Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW)

Nation has Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and India (Mizoram). Some FDWs may have prior experience in Singapore previously. Do find out from our sales consultants if they have prior working experience in another country.

Typical deployment time:

• New FDWs: around 2-3 months for straightforward cases.
• Transfer FDWs: can be deployed relatively fast and may take 4-5 working days.
• FDWs hired on Advance Placement Scheme: can be deployed as quickly as 3 days.
Do note that there are factors which may delay or expedite the deployment time (e.g. adhering to embassy processes).

Direct Hire of FDW

If you do have someone in mind to hire at the source country but are unsure of the process, Nation would be able to help you with the necessary application processes at the source country and while in Singapore.


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