SharePoint custom contract management applications
SharePoint custom contract management applications


Making the decision to outsource your business functions can help you to achieve reduced costs, improved efficiencies and ensure compliance.


An experienced team working on the operation duties allows you to be free of the admin challenges enabling you time to take care of your business and grasp new opportunities.


What are managed services for Business


Business process outsourcing (BPO) has evolved to become strategic managed services for operations. 

Sustainable growth requires a new operating model, one that’s anchored around the customer and driven by data and intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

To access the new performance frontier, organizations must accelerate operations maturity.  They need to address the vital ingredients of talent, data, applied intelligence, cloud and ecosystem of partnerships.

Activating data and intelligence on the digital core to transform operations is often out of reach for leaders who need it most. That’s where strategic managed service capabilities can help provide insights for better decision making and crush the timeline to value.

Today’s strategic managed services are far more than traditional BPO.  They are transformative, reduce risk and costs, and see suppliers become true partners, working together to lay the foundation for innovation.


Why are managed services for business important


Strategic managed services provide organizations with capabilities that enable reinvention. It frees business leadership to focus on product development, geographic expansion and strategic initiatives that drive sustainable growth, deliver excellent customer experiences, and attract and retain talent.  

Successful reinvention strategies are built on optimized operations, which can be measured across a spectrum of operations maturity (figure 1). There are 4 stages of operations maturity – stable, efficient, insight-driven and intelligent. The higher the maturity level of an organization, the more successful that organization will be at reaching the performance frontiers set by a total enterprise reinvention strategy.


Reinventing Operations


Organizations can reinvent operations by defining a new performance frontier in the maturity journey. This means adopting a bold vision that is executed by unified leadership. Operational reinvention transformation draws on business process expertise, technology innovation and agile talent.

Operations transformation means organizations can “think big” and take bold moves to close the gap between aspirations and where they are today. By automating at scale, augmenting human talent with technology and committing to data-driven decision making, organizations can optimize their operations maturity journey. And with a flexible operating model that combines multidisciplinary teams and technologies across an ecosystem of partners, organizations can improve overall performance and sustainability.


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